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  • Diary of Books

    Diary of Books

    I’ve never kept a diary. At least not since I was eight, when my father bought two blank journals and suggested that he and I spend time together every evening writing in our diaries. For several weeks we did just that, sitting side by side on the living room couch and recording the events of the day. One day I came home from school and found my diary in the wrong place on the bookshelf. When I inquired about this, my dad said, “I have to admit something to you. I was so curious about what you’ve been writing that I couldn’t help myself, so I went in your room and read it.”READ MORE »
  • CLOCKHOUSE:  Call for Volume Seven Submissions

    CLOCKHOUSE: Call for Volume Seven Submissions

    CLOCKHOUSE seeks submissions in poetry, drama, fiction and nonfiction for its 2019 issue Clockhouse is an eclectic conversation about the work-in-progress of life–a soul arousal, a testing ground, a new community, a call for change. Clockhouse seeks submissions in poetry,READ MORE »
  • Books Eat Books

    Books Eat Books

    Books eat other books just as surely as hamsters eat their young.  A friend of mine who raises pigs once told me a pig has to eat three pounds of feed for every single pound of meat it produces. READ MORE »
  • On Disability and Diversity: The Exclusivity of Inclusion

    On Disability and Diversity: The Exclusivity of Inclusion

    ...disability is too often excluded in discussions of diversity, a good deal of which, for good reason, focuses on race. This silence is especially noteworthy because disability crosses racial, gender, sexuality, class, and national boundaries.READ MORE »

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  • Alchemy of the Word News

    Alchemy of the Word News

    The Writer gave our very own all-faculty compilation, Alchemy of the Word, a nice shout-out. Congrats to all, especially the editors: Aimee, Kenny, and Nicky
  • MFAW-VT Alumnus Charlie Bondhus’s Third Poetry Manuscript Accepted for Publication

    MFAW-VT Alumnus Charlie Bondhus’s Third Poetry Manuscript Accepted for Publication

    MFAW-VT alumnus Charlie Bondhus‘s second poetry collection, Divining Bones, has just been accepted for publication by Sundress publications.
  • MFAW-VT Alumnus Lizz Schumer Gets Work!

    MFAW-VT Alumnus Lizz Schumer Gets Work!

    MFAW-VT alumn Lizz Schumer has just been offered a full-time job as staff writer at the Hearst Lifestyle group, writing for Good Housekeeping, Redbook Magazine, and Woman’s Day Magazine‘s print editions.  And, at the beginning of August, Lizz;s personal essay “The Ravine” is featured
  • MFAW-VT Faculty Member Jan Clausen’s Criticism Published

    MFAW-VT Faculty Member Jan Clausen’s Criticism Published

    MFAW-VT faculty member Jan Clausen’s review of new poetry and hybrid works appears in the July/August issue of the Women’s Review of Books. She addresses Ada Limón’s poetry collection The Carrying and Amy Fusselman’s lyric essay Idiophone.  

“We are leaving our incredible faculty, brilliant talents themselves, who truly care about the likes of us, who utilize equal parts love and cattle prod…but we’re taking each other.”

Goddard MFA Graduate, Vermont, Jan. 2013

I yearned for creative freedom...My advisors at Goddard helped tailor my studies to my unique needs and interests, while at the same time stretching me beyond where I might have wandered on my own.

Mary Johnson, Goddard MFA alumna and author of An Unquenchable Thirst: A Memoir, a Kirkus Best Book of the Year



“Goddard’s emphasis on diversity and individuality really appealed to me...I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted out of an MFA program: self-directed learning that would allow me to take risks and follow hunches, and a safe environment in which I could make the mistakes we all need to endure if we are going to learn.”

Matthew Quick, Goddard MFA alumnus, and bestselling author of The Silver Linings Playbook and many other novels.

Goddard College is the only school I ever wanted to attend. It's a place where radical change is supported and encouraged; where commitment to creative discipline and social justice is expected. I know of no other institution where respect for the craft of writing is fostered with such joy or where dedication to intellectual rigor and curiosity are modeled by the faculty with so much respect for the student. I'm proud to be an alumna of this historically progressive institution. Goddard College changed my life.

Cara Hoffman, Goddard MFA alumna and author of the critically acclaimed novels So Much Pretty and Be Safe I Love You

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  • MFAW-WA faculty member Beatrix Gates has been accepted into Jen Bervin’s “Tactile Notation” workshop at Haystack Mt School of Crafts on Deer Isle and is thrilled at the prospect of being a student in this two-week workshop to “experiment with intertextual, intratextual, and interdisciplinary approaches to process, and consider reading and writi…[Read more]

  • MFAW-VT student Jess Lewis has just gotten her first publication. To read it, go here:

    Escalando Fronteras: Making a Difference for Good through Climbing

  • Liz Kellebrew posted an update 4 months ago

    MFAW-WA alumna Liz Kellebrew’s prose poem, “Flood, Fire, Mountain,” will appear in Writers Resist: The Anthology 2018, coming out this October. There are plans in the works for a reading at AWP ’19 in Portland, OR, and possibly elsewhere. Stay tuned…

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