Playwright and Alum Tyler Whidden with a young actor…

In an interview for the upcoming Festival, Whidden expounds on his newest play, ChocolateSexPuppyTacos (a Non-Denominational Play):

Can you talk about the idea behind your play “ChocolateSex…” ?

I think it’s a conglomeration of two of the many lives I’ve lived. When I was a kid, I went to Catholic school and sort of rejected it right away, and after college I became a comedian for a number of years. I guess this is me putting those two lives on stage.

If your play was a type of dessert, what would it be and why?

Sea-Salt-Caramel Gelato, but with the caramel chocolate squares mixed in.


Tyler Whidden Interviewed by us about his play in the Seabury Quinn Playfest!