Coming Soon: The Pitkin Review – Spring 2015 Edition

Editor’s Note:

Sex, death, war, and the unknown. Not only do writers write in the dark most of the time, we write about the dark: the shadows within and the night without. In so doing, we bring the light of our memories and imaginations to illuminate those hidden places. The result isn’t always comforting, but our mission remains: to reveal things as they are.

In the Spring 2015 edition of The Pitkin Review, we’re featuring bold new work by Goddard College MFA students from the Plainfield, VT and Port Townsend, WA campuses. Full of guts and grit, their work takes us down into the shadows and back up into the light. Ferguson. Nagasaki. The true story of a shooter in the workplace. A fictional account of a homicidal teenager. Aging, regret, mental illness, loss, the search for meaning, and rising from the ashes to live life anew: a spectrum of human experience.

I like to think of these works of art as individual tongues of fire, or perhaps a universe of stars, each as unique in form, hue, and luminosity as the artists themselves. If we are made of the stuff of stars, then it stands to reason that the stuff we make points back to those stars: each of us a shining light in a constellation, mapping a path for the seekers, the dreamers, and those who have lost their way.

Look for The Pitkin Review, Spring 2015 edition at your next MFA residency, and consider joining our all-volunteer staff to help shape the Fall 2015 edition. My hope for The Pitkin Review, past, present, and future, is that the words of our fellow writers may become trusted companions on a moonless night… surrounded by darkness… when the stars are all we can see.

Liz Kellebrew

Editor in Chief, The Pitkin Review