Tarpaulin Sky has just published Part II of an interview with Jan Clausen about her recent book Veiled Spill: A Sequence. Here’s a quick excerpt:

For me, “Veiled Spill #14” is an effort to narrate beyond narration. To tell a kind of story in the space beyond story. This relates back to an earlier piece that riffs on a quote from Janet Malcolm, who inquires, “How can one see all the ants on the planet when one is wearing the blinders of narrative?” My version wonders how one can “bear/the blinders of narrative” given that “what is veined/is spilling everywhere?” On one level, I read my own lines as being about violence and suffering—how can you justify the selection that “story” entails, since it is bound to exclude some part of an ocean of damage? But it can also be about the proliferation of points of view, the limitlessness of sentience in any given moment. This burgeoning cannot be directly experienced—after all, “My I is right here.” And yet: it must be honored, metaphorically apprehended. It’s this overflow of experience, perspective, sensation, consciousness, and event that “Veiled Spill #14” endeavors to set to the music of pouring language.