The countdown continues:  There are only seventeen days left in CLOCKHOUSE‘s submissions period!  CLOCKHOUSE publishes Creative Non-Fiction, Drama, Fiction, and Poetry; submissions guidelines can be found at CLOCKHOUSE’s website, as can excerpts from the first three volumes.

One of the writers you’ll find on that website is Dave Kim, whose short story “The Hobbyist,” was one of the 2013 works we nominated for the  Pushcart Prize.   You’ll find this story in CLOCKHOUSE’s inaugural issue, which is available for purchase, along with Volumes Two and Three, at the same website.


Cover Photo by Jill Newton Moore
Cover Photo by Jill Newton Moore
From Dave Kim‘s The Hobbyist” 

We sat down in some old school Italian place where Wilson ordered about half the menu and two bottles of wine. By the third course I was having trouble breathing. Between bites, Wilson gave me a long lecture on the history of the Indochinese peninsula, the wars and colonialism, the bitter infighting. He planned to start in Laos and work his way to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. I let him ramble on and at one point, just as a roasted lamb shank showed up at our table, it dawned on me what kind of person Wilson was. He was the eternal green light, the gung-ho idealist, the guy who’d never had to worry if his ideas actually worked or made sense before he saw them through. His whole life he could move without thinking, scoff at the possibility of failure while the rest of us started IRAs and took out renter’s insurance.


CLOCKHOUSE Submissions Period & A Past Work of Fiction
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CWC is the alumni association of Goddard's MFAW Program. It holds the annual summer Clockhouse Writers' Conference & Retreat in Plainfield, Vermont, and the annual winter Lighthouse Conference & Retreat each winter. Its national literary journal CLOCKHOUSE is published in partnership with Goddard College and the MFAW Program. For more information, please visit or contact CWC's lead steward, Lucy Turner.
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