Bhanu Kapil is interviewed about her life as a poet  in the most recent Cosmonauts Avenue!

Your writer crush:
Lucas de Lima, who writes: the open vein of the sky.

Favorite lyric:
When I was 15, Anu Gupta made me a cassette tape declaring his love for me. The first song was by Depeche Mode and those words were seared into my intestines and generalized viscera forever, something I will have to deal with eventually: “I need/somebody to care/for me/tenderly.” How do you decolonize your intestines, your desire?

Any place in the world:
Rishikesh. Or California. Then again, wouldn’t it be lovely to be eating samosas right now, outside A Sweet on the Southall Broadway, straight from the paper bag. Wait! I have dreamed, since I was a child, of drinking black coffee in Cairo, with my aunt. I have never been to Florence or Oslo. But right now, if I could be anywhere, perhaps I would be in New Mexico, soaking in a hot spring built into the side of the Rio Grande, after puja and kirtan at the Hanuman Temple in Taos.

Best breakfast:
A blended smoothie of greens, celery, apple, pear, parsley, chia seeds, water, a bit of banana, turmeric. Half now, half later.

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