On behalf of the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference Board of Stewards and the alumni community of the Goddard College MFAW program, I want to extend my congratulations and warmest welcome to those who graduate during the current Port Townsend residency:

Ariel Basom

Bronwynn Dean

Sam Gritt

Carol Harblin

Elizabeth Heckman

Meghan O’Neil

Jalyn Powell

Tawnya Renelle

Heather Sargent

John Schmidtke

JoAnne Tompkins

I wish you well in your writing lives, and I hope you’ll visit your alumni association’s website to see the continuation of community we offer.  In the meantime and, once again, on behalf of the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference, my heartiest congratulations!

Lucy Turner
Lead Steward, CWC
Lighthouse by John Loo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Congratulations to the Newest MFAW Alumni!
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CWC is the alumni association of Goddard's MFAW Program. It holds the annual summer Clockhouse Writers' Conference & Retreat in Plainfield, Vermont, and the annual winter Lighthouse Conference & Retreat each winter. Its national literary journal CLOCKHOUSE is published in partnership with Goddard College and the MFAW Program. For more information, please visit www.clockhousewriters.com or contact CWC's lead steward, Lucy Turner.

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