MFAW-VT alumna Cheryl Heller just launched The Intergalactic Design Guide, which illuminates a process for leading change that contradicts the prevalent assumption that the future is “someone else’s” responsibility. It’s a book about leaders who are doing what others consider impossible, and a map for how anyone who wants to step up can become one.

Cheryl writes, “Many years ago, environmentalist David Orr said, ‘As homo sapiens entry into any intergalactic design competition, industrial civilization would be tossed out at the qualifying round.’ When I first read that, it struck me as extreme that Orr laid the whole mess at the feet of design. Then I wondered if design could fix it. After many years of practicing, teaching and explaining, I wrote a book about it.”


Len Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor at the Harvard Business School said, “This book fills the cavernous gap between our awareness and understanding of ‘design thinking’ and ‘design doing’.”  Ivy Ross, Vice President of Google, Hardware Design said, “This is one of the most critical design books of our time.” And David Orr himself said, “There are design problems and there are human problems. Cheryl Heller’s genius is to see them as one and the same… This is the framework for designing the design process. 

You can buy it directly from Island Press here, or from Amazon here.  Please join us if you’re near:

Babson College in Wellesley, MA on October 23rd,
The SVA Gallery in New York City on October 26th,
Buffalo, New York on November 8th, or
The Museum of Design, Atlanta on November 13th

There’s an interview on Wharton Radio about the book, an HBR article on one of the leaders in it and more coming soon, which you can see on this page.