MFAW-VT alumna Jennifer Judge’s  poem. “81 North,” was recently selected to appear in a Jenny Holzer art installation in the Comcast Technology Center lobby in Philadelphia.  This is the text was originally sent when she was asked if her work could be included (and it provides a clearer explanation of the project):

Jenny was commissioned a few years ago to create a large LED artwork for the public atrium of the new Norman Foster skyscraper, the Comcast Technology Center. This consisting of 9 slender panels, suspended above what is hoped will become a popular pedestrian hub, and animated by text, which will be added to gradually over the years to come, that will scroll from one panel to another.

The permanent editorial core of the work will initially consist of poetry—including some of Jenny’s longstanding favorite authors such as Wisława Szymborska and Anna Swir, as well as several poets strongly associated with the city, among them William Carlos Williams and Marianne Moore–and writing by architects, led by Louis Kahn and Sir Norman. And, we hope, you.

The finished project was shown to the public last week.  Featured image is a photo of the piece below.