Umbrella Factory isn’t just a magazine, it’s a community project that includes writers, readers, poets, essayists, filmmakers and anyone doing something especially cool. The scope is rather large but rather simple. We want to establish a community–virtual and actual–where great readers and writers and artists can come together and do their thing, whatever that thing may be. In the smallest sense, we are an online literary magazine. In the broadest sense, the scope of the project includes Umbrella Factory small press publications, workshops, reading series, community events and (in the long haul) a home-base, independent bookstore where we can centralize our most heady aspirations. We want young writers to come to school in Denver because of the Umbrella Factory. We want visiting writers to put us on their must-see list. We want to publish the next crop of authors who make us say, “I wish I’d written that.” We want you at the Factory.

Maybe our Mission Statement says it best:

We are a small press determined to connect well-developed readers to intelligent writers and poets through virtual means, printed journals, and books. We believe in making an honest living providing the best writers and poets a forum for their work.

We love what we have here and we want you to love it equally as much. That’s why we need your writing, your participation, your involvement and your enthusiasm. We need your voice. Tell everyone you know. Tell everyone who’s interested, everyone who’s not interested, tell your parents and your kids, your students and your teachers. Tell them the Umbrella Factory is open for business.

Remember, it’s raining words. Stay dry.

Anthony ILacqua,Umbrella Factory’s Editor in Chief, is a Goddard College alumnus.