MFAW student Sassafras Lowrey’s new book Healing/Heeling is being released TODAY!  Sassafras workshopped some of this collection at Goddard in the Hybrid Master Class at the summer residency in Vermont with Michael Klein last year.  For more information, including a press release, see below.
Congratulations, Sassafras!
Description: In these experimental lyric essays, Lowrey explores queerness, PTSD, anxiety, and created family. A framing of Rally Obedience and Dog Agility course maps create a textured story on the page, a hybrid form in which Lowrey recounts a spiritual-like relationship to dogs beginning in childhood, a passion for dog shows fractured in adolescence with a period of homelessness, a service dog, anxiety, and a return to dog sports. This collection transcends Lowrey’s personal relationship with dogs to tell a larger story about healing, loss, trauma, survival, and of course the love (and salvation) of many good dogs.

The book is $9.99  signed print copies and special one inch buttons (that come with any book pre-ordered before the May 1st release) are available here:
Healing/Heeling is also available on Amazon in print and ebook formats:
Advanced Praise for Healing/Heeling: “Healing/Heeling is a poetic fever-dream of a small book about training, handling and living with dogs: how they make us and save us and can even almost break us. Sassafras Lowrey’s book is an essay, a harsh poem, an autobiography, a fractured narrative—and an apology and ode to the dogs of hir life: the spooky, the injured, the vulnerable, the brave. But the book’s heartbreak is beautifully balanced by its close companion: the transcendent joy that comes from working in close partnership with a dog. Serpentine and leap, heel and heal.” Cat Warren, NYT bestselling author of What the Dog Knows: Scent, Science, and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World. 
“Merging the mechanics of dog handling courses with the intensely personal story of how relationships with dogs have shaped hir life, Sassafras Lowrey has created a new kind of memoir, both deeply engaging and emotionally devastating. Combining poetry and prose, ze explores the themes of queerness, family, and the deep bond between humans and dogs with raw honesty and grace.” Michael Thomas Ford, 5-time Lambda Literary Award Winner