On behalf of the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference Board of Stewards and the alumni community of the Goddard College MFAW program, we want to extend our congratulations and warmest welcome to those who graduated during this past summer:

From the Plainfield, Vermont, Campus:

Phyllis Davis

Ben Hennesy

Sofia Molimbi

 Jennifer Skura

Erix Avila

 Janet Colson

Patrice Gerideau

Emma Nicole Meistrich

Sam Rebelein

Jamie Sheffield

Smith Elder

From the Port Townsend, Washington, site:

Jess Lewis

Rae Quinn

Snigdha Roy

Brett Townsend

We wish you well in your writing lives, and we hope you’ll visit your alumni association’s website to see the continuation of community we offer. In the meantime and, once again, on behalf of the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference, our heartiest congratulations! Your CWC Board of Stewards, Lucy Turner, Lead Steward Dave Waite, Secretary Patricia Shepherd, Treasurer Brenda Beardsley, Steward at Large Kathryn Cullen-DuPont, Steward at Large Jeff Eisenbrey, Steward at Large Shae Savoy, Steward at Large