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And have you read… The Glass Jar? Poet’s Resume (An excerpt)


Port, starboard, forward, aft, bow, stern, fo’c’sle, lazarette, half hitch, clove hitch, bowline, lovers knot, freeboard, false deck, fairlead, deck-winch, vanging-winch, picking boom, power block, davit, dump-box, buoy stick, PTO, chiller, seacock, shaft, rudder, keel, magnetic north, true north, degrees of variation, aurora borealis, bio luminescence, Morning Star.

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And have you read… A Tale for the Time Being?

Goddard MFA faculty member Rahna Reiko Rizzuto (author of two books including the memoirHiroshima in the Morning) has been waiting for a decade for Ruth’s next book and is thrilled to be able to interview her about her just-released novel, A Tale for the Time Being. Here, Ruth talks about being a writer (and a thinker) in the world first, and how that writer and her preoccupations end up on the page.

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And have you read… Green?

By Theresa Senato Edwards, MFAW 2007 The Writer caught up with Theresa right before her book Green goes on sale! What was the impetus for the writing of this book? Green began years ago as the result of an exercise in an MFA...

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