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    What some Goddard MFAW students and alumni did this summer! Good to see how so many get their work out into the world! Congratulations, all!

    MFAW Alumna Chana Porter’s play PHANTASMAGORIA or Let Us Seek Death!, which swirls Mary Shelley’s life with the Frankenstein story, will be at the Ellen Stewart theater at La MaMa October 20th-November 6th. Chana has written about science fiction as social activism and science fiction. Read it here.

    MFAW-VT Alum Em Bowen accepted the position of Executive Director of the Tucson Poetry Festival. They will be coordinating the event, which happens in April each year in Tucson, Arizona. When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage, Em wrote an opinion piece for National Journal on marriage equality. Don’t miss it. Read about it on the program blog.

    MFAW-VT student Priya Hajela’s short story, The Matrimonial, was published in the New Delhi based literary magazine The Earthern Lamp Journal.

    MFAW-VT student Anne Boaden’s mini-graphic novel, The Adventures of Captain Leatherneck in “Unexpected,” has been shortlisted for the 2016 Yeovil Literary Prize in the Writing Without Restrictions category. Winners will be announced in September/October.

    MFAW-WA alumna Mary Curtis’s first collection of poetry, Between Rooms, has been published by Turning Point Press and is now available on Amazon.

    MFAW-WA student Shana Turner has just had an excerpt from her novel-in-progress, We Are Not Angels, published in About Place Journal. The excerpt is called: “Spanish Moss.”

    Carolyn M. Bardos (MFAW 2010) has founded a micro-press, The Horse You Rode In On Press. The Horse You Rode In On Press is in the process now of preparing for publication a collection of short fiction by Goddard MFAW alum (2010) Carolyn Kerr, titled The Bunny Suit and Other Stories. Release date: before Jan. 1, 2017.

    MFAW-WA student Jalyn Powell’s short story “Heart Box” was produced on The Overcast podcast today. The podcast is a Portland-based podcast for Science Fiction and Fantasy. The file can be listened to directly on the website or downloaded for free.

    MFAW-VT student Brad Bass performed in a staged reading of his own work The Collins Boys: The Musical (Brad Bass, book and lyrics; Cari Kassel, music at the Metro Baptist Church in NYC.

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