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    2007 MFAW alumna Radha (formerly Heather Leah Huddleston) celebrates the release of her first novel “Mary Walks” on Sunday, June 30th, at the Movement Lab studio above R. House in Baltimore, MD. Twenty years in the making, “Mary Walks” is an alternate, imaginative view of one of history’s most enigmatic young women: Mary, mother of Jesus. Radha’s gritty retelling challenges the centuries-old story at the center of mainstream religious beliefs and places the legendary figure into a corporeal body for readers…a body she feels she has no control over, echoing the struggle still felt in present times and is at the center of heated debates. At a time of the feminine rising and women’s movements, Mary’s story is a universal one being told by millions of women today: violence and sacrifice, choice and empowerment. The celebration of novel and writer begins at 7:30pm, with an intimate reading by the author at 8pm. The party is open to the public and RSVPs are encouraged, although it is a free event. Learn more at http://www.marywalks.com.