• Rahna Reiko Rizzuto posted an update 3 years, 12 months ago

    Women writers! The Hedgebrook applications are OPEN. Apply for a fully-funded residency. July 28th deadline. The landscape is breathtaking, but what’s truly beautiful about Hedgebrook is the haven of safety and support it offers its residents. Playwright Paula Vogel spoke about Hedgebrook’s “radical hospitality,” where women are mothered and nurtured in a culture that all too often neglects these vital aspects of a woman’s development. “We spring fully-formed like Athena from the mind of Zeus,” she said of this lack of mothering so many women experience, forced to adulthood and autonomy far too young, the burdens of previous generations of women laid upon our backs. Hedgebrook is a place for women to nurture and be nurtured. A tremendous gift indeed. (Thank you JM Roddy! for that perfect description (jmroddy.com)