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    testing public view

    In Lake Forest Park at Third Place Books and at Green Apple Books & Music in San Francisco.
    As is customary, the fall issue will be available for purchase just in time for the spring residencies in Plainfield and in Port Townsend and immediately thereafter at the bookstores listed above.

    I made another discovery as our editors and I complete the final edits, prepping the fall issue for publication: the genius of being Editor in Chief for just one semester is both limiting and expansive. Whatever changes are made must be maintained by the next in command—the Keeper of the Legacy.

    I encourage all MFAW students to not only submit to The Pitkin Review but become involved in its production, become part of its legacy. Think of your innate talents and contribute as a staff member. Say yes to all opportunities to expand your education beyond your thesis and critical writing. I thank all of our current staff for their earnest and thorough efforts from Genre Editors to Associate Editors.

    You are all valued and your time appreciated as we say yes to expansion of our legacy, yes to a magazine founded on educational principles and yes to a high-quality, collaborative publication to be proud of.