In addition to publishing their own work and teaching, our alumni and students are creating opportunities for writers. Goddard alumni have founded and are running their own literary journals, and have created community through writing groups, conferences and retreats. Goddard students run their own literary magazine as well.

Here is a list in process of some of these offerings. Submit. Get in touch. Get together.


Shape&Nature Press

Shape&Nature Press is a small, independent publisher of poetry, fiction, and creative literary projects founded in 2011.  Our mission is to publish the best contemporary literature we can find with an emphasis on work that challenges readers, either through content, craft, shape, or ideas.

In addition to publishing traditional books, we are also committed to dreaming up and facilitating creative literary projects that we think open up the literary experience, meaning we want readers to see, touch, taste, read and otherwise engage in literature in ways they haven’t done before.  So far, these projects have taken the form of interactive, public art, and have in common the goal of interacting with the greater community in new and interesting ways.

Goddard alumna Maria Williams-Russell is the Founding Editor and heads the editorial team.


Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine

Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine is an online lit mag where artists of word and image explore the ephemeral boundary between human and animal. Each month we publish one story, one poem, and one essay that teeter on the divide between wild and domestic. We create a space where readers, viewers, writers, and artists expand the human experience by engaging their imagination with other creatures. Submission guidelines here.

Founding Editor, Danita Berg, and Fiction Editor, Sarah Cedeno are  Goddard alumnae.

Umbrella Factory

Umbrella Factory isn’t just a magazine, it’s a community project that includes writers, readers, poets, essayists, filmmakers and anyone doing something especially cool. The scope is rather large but rather simple. We want to establish a community–virtual and actual–where great readers and writers and artists can come together and do their thing, whatever that thing may be. In the smallest sense, we are an online literary magazine. In the broadest sense, the scope of the project includes Umbrella Factory small press publications, workshops, reading series, community events and (in the long haul) a home-base, independent bookstore where we can centralize our most heady aspirations. We want young writers to come to school in Denver because of the Umbrella Factory. We want visiting writers to put us on their must-see list. We want to publish the next crop of authors who make us say, “I wish I’d written that.” We want you at the Factory.

Maybe our Mission Statement says it best:

We are a small press determined to connect well-developed readers to intelligent writers and poets through virtual means, printed journals, and books. We believe in making an honest living providing the best writers and poets a forum for their work.

We love what we have here and we want you to love it equally as much. That’s why we need your writing, your participation, your involvement and your enthusiasm. We need your voice. Tell everyone you know. Tell everyone who’s interested, everyone who’s not interested, tell your parents and your kids, your students and your teachers. Tell them the Umbrella Factory is open for business.

Remember, it’s raining words. Stay dry.

Anthony ILacqua,Umbrella Factory’s Editor in Chief, is a Goddard College alumnus.


Clockhouse is a national literary journal published in partnership with Goddard College by the Clockhouse Writers’ Conference, the alumni association of Goddard’s MFA in Creative Writing Program. Our mission statement:

Dare. Risk. Dream. Share. Ruminate.

How do we understand our place in the world, our responsibility to it, and our responsibility to each other? Clockhouse is an eclectic conversation about the work-in-progress of life—a soul arousal, a testing ground, a new community, a call for change. Join in.

Submission guidelines can be found at our submissions page.

Hummingbird Press

Hummingbird Press was founded by Phyllis Walsh in 1990 with strong encouragement from her friend, and fellow poet, Cid Corman.

Based in Madison, WI and Seattle, WA, the press publishes Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem in the spring and the fall. Submissions of original, unpublished short poems are invited (book-length manuscripts are read by solicitation only)

We’re looking for work that expands our understanding of the short poem and poetically shorts our understanding of expansion. Associate Editor, Drew Dillhunt is a Goddard alumnus. Contact:

Empty City Press

Empty City Press (est. 2007) is dedicated to literature that challenges and responds to the culture that surrounds it; our work is our lives, and we can ask nothing less of it. Dedicated to the proliferation of Speculative and Alternative Literary Fiction, Poetry, and radical Non-Fiction, the press utilizes a strict DIY/Punk model that places considerable power in the hands of producers (that is, writers, artists, and musicians), so that every book published is a fully collaborative experience between authors and the press–from design to fulfillment, from readings to special editions.  Empty City Press is led by Goddard alumnus, Keith Backhaus, and works primarily with book-length manuscripts, though the second volume of our semi-annual anthology The Grey Alley will be open for submissions in summer 2016.    For more information about the press, their books, and submissions, please visit their website.

Minerva Rising

Minerva Rising is an independent literary journal celebrating the creativity and wisdom in every woman. We publish thought-provoking fiction, non-fiction, photography, poetry and essays tri-annually (Fall, Winter and Spring) by emerging and established women writers and artists. Submission dates and guidelines can be found on our submit your work page.

In addition, Minerva Rising offers the annual Owl Award: a $500 scholarship established to provide one woman writer with financial support to further her writing endeavors.

Minerva Rising Founder and Editor in Chief, Kim Brown, is a Goddard alumna.

Shabda Press

Shabda is the Sanskrit word for “sound, speech.”  Shabda is the sound current vibrating in all creation referred to as the Audible Life Stream, Inner Sound, and Word. Founded in June 2011 by Teresa Mei Chuc, Shabda Press‘ mission is to bring forth the diverse, luminous words and sounds of new, emerging, and established voices. Shabda Press is a small, independent press that publishes a few books of poetry a year in print, ebook and audio format (poetry cds). Shabda Press is part of the Coast to Coast Poetry Press Collective, a collective of four small presses, two east of the Mississippi River and two west of the Mississippi River who support each other in sharing and distributing poetry across the country. Editor-in-chief: Goddard MFA alumna Teresa Mei Chuc. Shabda Press is based in Pasadena, California, and you can find them here:

Tarpaulin Sky

Founded in 2002 as an online literary journal, Tarpaulin Sky took the form of 12.5 internet issues before deciding to explore anachronism by way of producing its first paper edition in November 2007. Today the magazine continues to publish new work both online and in print. (See our writers’ guidelines for more details.) As with Tarpaulin Sky’s books, the magazine focuses on cross-genre / trans-genre / hybrid forms as well as innovative poetry and prose. The journal is not allied with any one style or school or network of writers; rather, we try to avoid some of the defects associated with dipping too often into the same literary gene pool, and the diversity of our contributors is evidence of our eclectic interests.

Tarpaulin Sky was founded by Goddard alumnus Christian Peet, who continues to lurk behind the curtain.

Stone Hole Press l3c

“Magic happens when good writers cross over into the territory of their own mastery. This elusive line cannot be measured by outside constraints or conferred by others. The territory of mastery may be known only by those writers who persist in their pursuit of inquiry and discovery. In their hands, we experience the true beauty of surprise.”

Founded by MFA alumna Carolyn M. Bardos, Stone Hole Press l3c seeks out authors who must be published; writers who will delight and comfort; storytellers who will take you across the terrain of their tales with skill and truthfulness.

Fine writers.

Beautiful books.

Enchanted readers.

The Conium Review

The Conium Review publishes innovative writing.  We lean toward unconventional plots, bizarre settings, and experimental language.  Make it weird.

We are especially interested in work from women, LGBTQ authors, and writers of color. We work with Submission Bombers and other groups to encourage submissions from marginalized writers. We find that marginalized writers often tell the kind of innovative stories that “mainstream” writers cannot or do not.

Along with the journal, we occasionally publish and/or promote special projects, including chapbooks, readings, and writing workshops. We donate a portion of every print-run to charities like Open Books, Better World Books, and Housing Works Bookstore Cafe.

Managing Editor James R. Gapinski, a Goddard alumnus, has attracted a talented masthead of editors that include many Goddard alums.

The Pitkin Review

The Pitkin Review is a peer-reviewed literary journal published biannually by a collaborative community of editors, creative writers, and graphic artists showcasing the best work of their fellow MFA writers in fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, drama, critical commentary, and cross-genre.

At The Pitkin Review, we only accept work from writers currently enrolled in Goddard’s MFA in Creative Writing Program, and produced during the writer’s time in the program. Each semester, calls for submissions are emailed to all current MFAW writers four to five weeks in advance of the submissions deadline. For further information on submissions, check out the website. The Pitkin is a print magazine with Web Exclusives.  To read this work by current Goddard students, please visit The Pitkin Review.




In case the spirit is moving you to write away from home:

Writing on Water

Now more than ever. Take a breather in a beautiful place on Earth.  Pamper your spirit in delicious nutritious luxury.  Move to the natural rhythm of your body and mind.  Immerse in the beauty and customs of a people beyond your own.  In community, share and rewrite your story.  Return to your world, renewed.

WoW! specializes in writing and cultural retreats in some of the most beautiful settings in the world.

WoW! is the inspiration of founder and Goddard alumna Rose Marie Sabangan, and is facilitated by four other Goddard alumni, with site specialists and visiting creative artists.

Wide Open Writing

Wide Open Writing is a place, a space and a philosophy. It’s a creative gathering place and a support mechanism – a connect-up and a source.  A go-to international resource offering writing groups, coaching, retreats, and dependable support for those who write and those who want to write, including a top-20 autumn writing retreat in Tuscany.

Spend 7 days and 6 nights in a Tuscan farmhouse nestled in the Chianti region of Italy.  Immerse yourself in the Tuscan landscape, local food, fresh air.  Limber up during daily morning yoga and let your writing be transformed. 2015 dates: September 6-12th.

Founded and run by a collective including several Goddard alumnae.


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