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What’s in a Title

I’m finishing a book at the moment, and I recently discovered that I hate a chapter title. Hate it. Loathe it. Despise it. Hate hate hate it. Were it alive, I would kill it, then do everything in my power to bring it back to life, just so I could kill it again.

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The Shame of Losing

Today my first book is “officially” released unto the world. The Shame of Losing was picked up by Red
Hen Press fall of 2015, so here I am, three years later, wondering how to be a book marketer meanwhile
not choke on my own self-promotional worry tears.

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MFAW-VT Alumna Cheryl Heller’s “The Intergalactic Design Guide” Has Launched

MFAW-VT alumna Cheryl Heller just launched The Intergalactic Design Guide, which illuminates a process for leading change that contradicts the prevalent assumption that the future is “someone else’s” responsibility. It’s a book about leaders who are doing what others consider impossible, and a map for how anyone who wants to step up can become one.

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Diary of Books

I’ve never kept a diary. At least not since I was eight, when my father bought two blank journals and suggested that he and I spend time together every evening writing in our diaries. For several weeks we did just that, sitting side by side on the living room couch and recording the events of the day. One day I came home from school and found my diary in the wrong place on the bookshelf. When I inquired about this, my dad said, “I have to admit something to you. I was so curious about what you’ve been writing that I couldn’t help myself, so I went in your room and read it.”

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The paragraph or so of writing in preparation for this post I began on an empty page of an old, located notebook, one that flips vertically like a police ticket or meter maid book, but unlike law enforcement trappings

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